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Did Matt LeBlanc cheat on his girlfriend of eight years? According to In Touch magazine, he was caught red handed by the magazine's own reporters.

His rep, however, was quick to put the kibosh on the rumors.

According to the magazine, the former "Friends" star "hooked up with several scantily clad women" at a Halloween party in Austin, Texas. In Touch even claims three of its reporters witnessed Matt's flirtations at the party.

Matt's rep, though, said the story is nothing more than a fabrication.

"That absolutely did not happen," the actor's rep said. "Fans were coming up to him all night asking for pictures."

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Wearing a mask (after all, it was Halloween,) Matt was "getting very flirty with bottle service girls," the magazine said. "Then the actor ended up calling two of them over and proceeded to kiss one, then the other -- and then made the two girls kiss each other."

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Later, Matt was allegedly spotted getting frisky with another woman, one he just crowned the winner of the "My Yacht Club" costume contest that was taking place that evening.

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"He finally called it quits close to 3 a.m. as the party got progressively more wild, with half-naked girls making out all around him," the magazine said.

Matt has been dating his former "Joey" costar Andrea Anders since 2006.