Jeff Higgins / Splash News 1 / 12
Jeff Higgins / Splash News 1 / 12

By Wonderwall Editors

Times continue to get tougher for Octomom.

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Mother of 14, Nadya Suleman, who recently posed semi-nude in a bid to bolster her finances, is now receiving public assistance, according to TMZ.

On Saturday, the gossip site posted a photo of Suleman's welfare card, which helps her cover the costs of food for a family of 15 in California. She's eligible because with less than an annual income of $119,000 (or $8,000 per family member), the government deems her worthy of benefits.

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Suleman has reportedly pulled all but one of her children out of private school -- the only one still receiving a private school education is autistic -- which cut $4,000 from her monthly costs.

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In 2010, after Suleman welcomed octuplets, she announced she would never accept welfare.