Newlywed, mother, TV star, Geek Squad wannabe!

Ricki Lake, 44, host of the Ricki Lake Show -- who married Christian Evans, 41, in April -- admits: "I'm a techie who needs to carry every gadget. You never know when you'll need to look something up." Or snap a picture. The iPad-and iPhone-packing mom to Owen, 11, and Milo, 15, has 2,000 photos on her phone!

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Other keepsakes?

Key to Her Heart

"My key chains are all custom-made. One is a Dancing With the Stars photo of me and Derek Hough. It's cheesy, but I look back on that experience and loved it."

Mommy's Little Helpers

"I carry a case my friend got me as a gag that says Happy Pills. I put multivitamins and fish oil pills in it. As you get older, you need more supplements to keep healthy."

Topping It Off

"In case my hair is wet, or I want to cover up in the sun, I always have a Peace Love World beanie handy."

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Walk On

"I just got a pedometer. I wanted to track exactly how many steps I take every day!"


"Kleenex is a must. I'm a sap, always tearing up about something!"

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More Essentials:

Serge Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose Eau de Parfum ($120.00,

Jao Hand Sanitizer ($11.00,

Sephora Brilliant a levres lip gloss in Rose Glow ($20,

Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture ($88,

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