Some insults are too terrible to ignore.

In a recent issue of the Dutch magazine Jackie, Rihanna was referred to as "the ultimate ni***bitch" (as excerpted by After readers expressed their outrage at the mag's racism and factual inaccuracies (it claimed Rihanna was Jamaican, she she is actually from Barbados), Jackie apologized on their Facebook page.

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But that wasn't enough for the "Man Down" songstress, 23. On Monday, she tweeted at Jackie's editor in chief, Eva Hoeke. "I hope you can read English, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights," she fumed. "I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate. You ran out of legit, civilized information to print!"

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"There are [thousands] of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country. You could have given them an article," she added. "Instead, you paid to print one degrading an entire race. That's your contribution to this world: to encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders and to act in the past." 

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"On behalf of my race," the outspoken star wrote. "Here are my two words for you: F**K YOU!"

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