Dior / Steven Klein / . 1 / 12
Dior / Steven Klein / . 1 / 12

Hello, gorgeous!

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Last month it was revealed that Rihanna would star in Dior's "Secret Garden" campaign, a series of ads showing various models whisking through the famed Palace of Versailles wearing Dior's products. The partnership with Rihanna made a lot of sense given that she is often a staple of high-fashion.

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Well, the results on the "Diamonds" singer are in, and they are breathtaking! In the photos released on the new Dior campaign, Rihanna showcases the brand's handbags in a few shots, and looks ravishing in a red dress in another.

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While the still photos, by photographer Steven Klein, are beautifully jaw-dropping, the shoot itself is historic — Rihanna is the first black woman to represent Dior. And, based on the ads, she's one heck of an ambassador.