"Glee" star Naya Rivera had such bad skin earlier this year she was embarrassed every time she turned up to the set of the hit show with her acne-infested face.

The actress, who plays cheerleader Santana Lopez on the program, never experienced spots growing up as a teenager but she suffered from a breakout of pimples earlier this year.

Rivera reveals the skin problem caused her to become insecure, but she insists the support of her co-stars helped her work through the condition.

She tells People.com, "I had really bad skin for a while earlier this year. It sort of just came out of nowhere. It was like adult acne, and I was like, I've had great skin my entire life. How am I dealing with this now at 24?

"It was pretty embarrassing going to work every day and having to be on camera and having the make-up artists be like, 'Oh, what's going on?' (My "Glee" co-stars) were really supportive. I would always go around and talk about it. It was a point of insecurity for me. But I'm glad I got it fixed, I'll say that."