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Rob Kardashian is back ... on social media.

A bit of a family recluse, Rob hasn't been seen in public for quite some time, but he's been breaking his silence (sort of) by posting pictures on Instagram.

Thus far, he's posted images of his man cave, family time and a "beautiful day." None of the images have featured him, with the exception of a throwback photo of himself. Many have attributed his public absence to his long battle with weight.

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His dormant account became active shortly after the new year when his sisters Kim and Khloe hijacked his phone and began posting selfies onto his account. But on Jan. 22, his account came alive with an image of sister Kendall Jenner appearing to devour a tray of chicken wings as Scott Disick looked on.

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The next day, Rob posted a scenic photo that he captioned, "beautiful day baby." Other posts showed him in his red-lit man cave watching basketball.

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While he certainly hasn't been in the public eye like most of his family, his mother has long fended off rumors that he is struggling.

"He's doing great," Kris Jenner told Wonderwall.com at her birthday last November in Las Vegas. "He's just doing good. He's not one to push himself too much in the public eye like the rest of us -- kind of, to each his own, and everyone has their own boundaries. With Rob, he's just doing his thing and working hard, and I support that."