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Did you feel a strange disturbance on the Internet on Monday night, as if a million high-pitched tween voices suddenly cried out in unison?

There was a darn good reason: In a move that surprised even the most rabid Twi-hards, Kristen Stewart turned out to support rumored beau Robert Pattinson at the New York premiere of his new drama "Remember Me," an uncharacteristically public appearance that set off a worldwide chorus of "OMG! Robsten lives!"

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But Kristen, decked out in a black leather jacket and gold pants made out of the wallpaper that once decorated our Nana's rec room, apparently wanted to lend a promotional hand without stealing Rob's thunder.

The scruffy, low-key stars kept their distance on the red carpet and posed separately for photos, with Stewart making sure to avoid the press line.

Pattinson, meanwhile, said "cheese" with leading lady Emilie de Ravin and bravely greeted the army of screeching fans who waited out in the cold for a glimpse of his expressively mussed bedhead.

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Rob and Kristen did hit the afterparty together, where they were probably a bit more at ease (the actress even changed into a comfier jeans and sneaker combo), at least judging by a sighting from Sunday night.

According to the New York Daily News, the "Twilight" twosome "got frisky" while breaking bread at Manhattan eatery Laconda Verde with a crew of pals.

"Robert and Kristen sat really close together and kept touching and rubbing each other's arms as if no one else was around," relays an eyewitness. "They definitely appeared to be an item."

Chimes in another bystander to E! News, "They sat close together in the same booth. They weren't overly affectionate. Kristen looked really happy, though."

The hands-on dinner follows a sighting in London last month, when a British council member claimed he spotted the pair locking lips at a pub, a historic moment he shared on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Pattinson is trying to do some anatomical damage control in the wake of the taken-out-of-context "I'm allergic to vagina" comment he made while posing with a passel of nude models for the March issue of Details.

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"I had two lessons," he explains to "Access Hollywood." "Don't try and make jokes in interviews, and then the second one is, like, just don't do interviews at all."

And did you learn anything else, Rob? "Don't talk about vaginas. People are very sensitive about them!"

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