With production of the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" now in full swing, the rumor mill has started a-cranking with whispers of some offscreen coziness between castmates Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed.

According to LaineyGossip, the non-odoriferous heartthrob was spotted out with the actress on Sunday night in Vancouver, B.C.

Word is, Pattison, 22, and Reed, 20, met up with co-star Kristen Stewart and her actor-boyfriend, Michael Angarano, at a post-Juno Awards shindig, where the pair supposedly had an extended tête-à-tête with their "heads bent close together."

When the quartet called it a night, says Lainey, they had a "weird" group hug before going their separate ways. Kristen and her squeeze grabbed a cab, while Rob and Nikki strolled down the street, "arms wrapped around each other," before purportedly heading back to his place.

No word on whether Reed intends to beef up her security to deal with the wrath of "Twilight"-devoted tweens desperate for a real-life Edward and Bella love match.

Meanwhile, in other romance news, John Mayer has managed to turn subtext in his songwriting into text in the media.

People reports the indiscreet crooner debuted "Heartbreak Warfare" during a performance on his recent Mayercraft Carrier fan cruise, a tune that many are convinced is about his twice-failed romance with Jennifer Aniston.

"If you want more love, why don't you say so?" sang Mayer, before making a suspected reference to Jen's ex Brad Pitt by emoting, "Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again; Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain, pain, pain."

"I am a positivity man," he explained to the crowd. "Sometimes people try to recognize love in terms of negativity. When you are in that situation, that is not a lot of fun."

Someone else working through breakup fallout in song: Taylor Swift, who says she has no regrets over "Forever and Always," a ditty she wrote about her split from Joe Jonas, who reportedly ditched her in a 27-second phone call last fall.

"Writing songs about people is the only way I know how to do things," the country chanteuse, 19, deep-thoughts to Seventeen magazine. "I mean, I can't wish I hadn't written a song about someone, because if I hadn't, that song wouldn't exist."

And future suitors beware: Swift will continue to mine her personal life for catchy tunes.

"Right now, my favorite thing to write about is love," she says. "And breakups. And boys. And feelings."

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