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Is Jennifer Love Hewitt missing the comforting feeling of a hefty rock weighing down her ring finger? A little less than five months after her engagement to Ross McCall went belly-up, the "Ghost Whisperer" star is rumored to be on the fast track to a betrothal with her beau and co-star, Jamie Kennedy.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports they've already exchanged Cartier love bracelets and are now "shopping for an engagement ring for Jennifer."

Why are the self-proclaimed "best friends," who have been an item for only about three months, in such an ostensible rush?

"She is simply a girl who always needs a man in her life and is getting nervous that she may miss out on marriage and having a family," reckons a source, implying that the actress, despite being just 30, has a biological clock that's ticking louder than Big Ben.

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But there's no doubt J.Love is head over heels. After one of Kennedy's stand-up performances at a New York comedy club earlier this month, she personally flogged his DVDs and T-shirts, some of which she Bedazzled herself. Now that's love. Or promotion. We always get those two things confused.

In other engagement rumor news, Madonna's model-companion Jesus Luz is doing his best to vague things up amid reports they're planning a Kabbalah commitment ceremony.

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"She is my friend, only my friend," he bobbed and weaved during a sit-down with the TV show "Fantastico" in his native Brazil (via the New York Daily News). "I cannot say anything more than I don't have plans of marrying her. I can't say if she is the woman in my life."

Luz, who is reportedly crashing at Madonna's New York digs, also praises her as "beautiful, a person full of positive energy, with no visible faults," and adds that he's unconcerned with how their relationship is characterized.

"Frankly, I never give importance to what others say about me," says Jesus, who is supposedly referred to as "the babysitter" by the pop icon's 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes. "They can write that I'm a 'toy boy' or 'boy toy.' And I won't care."

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As for Madonna, she apparently doesn't care that onetime "good friend" Alex Rodriguez is reportedly wooing Kate Hudson -- and is even taking some of the credit for their purported hookup.

"Madonna is actually relieved that A-Rod seems so happy with Kate," a source close to the Big M tells the Daily News. "He's always treated women like he treats home runs anyway. He's getting a great batting average here. In fact, Madonna is actually proud that she's raised the bar for him, so he can date a better caliber of women."

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