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Rose McGowan and dozens of other restaurant-goers are still scratching their heads after a bizarre incident on Friday.

While McGowan dined with a friend and her companion's 4-year-old son at New York's Bar Pitti, GossipCop reports that an unidentified man "emerged from under a grate on the street and threw a smoke bomb" into the establishment.

The restaurant filled with what the website described as "thick red smoke" as the man disappeared back underground.

"My eyes still hurt," McGowan told GossipCop. "I thought it was a [real] bomb." The smoke caused McGowan and her friend to temporarily lose the friend's child because the smoke was so thick.

Police who investigated the incident did not believe it was terrorism related; coincidentally, the suspect was reportedly wearing a T-shirt with an image of the American flag on it.

No further details were available as of Saturday evening.

McGowan, who married artist Davey Detail last October, witnessed another strange act of violence in January when she called an ambulance to assist a 65-year-old man who'd been targeted in the "knockout game" trend.


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