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The crème de la crème of the entertainment industry annually get all jazzed up for a night of music at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party. This year will be no different. Clive is keeping his lips zipped on most of the details, but did do a teensy bit of name-dropping for ET.

The music producing extraordinaire explained, "This is a party to celebrate music and what makes it unique is really that that word has gotten out, so whether you're Tony Bennett or Natalie Cole or Sheryl Crow or whether you're Prince or Jay-Z or Taylor Swift, they all will be coming and it's great to see musicians from all genres at the height of their power have such respect for each other."

He promises a "glittering" guest list that includes rookie attendee Bon Jovi and a performance by another party newbie, Harry Connick, Jr., who will be performing with a "big, big female star" who is eager for the duet.

Harry worked with Clive on his latest CD and defined what makes Clive so successful: "There's a certain innate ability I think Clive has that, he's just got a very rare gift to sort of know what people want to hear and how to make that happen … There's one Clive Davis."

The much-anticipated Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party will rock the house on Saturday night.

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