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Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage 1 / 5

By Kara Warner


He plays the simple-minded Jason Sackhouse on HBO's campy vamp drama "True Blood," but in real life, actor Ryan Kwanten is anything but stupid. The guy quotes Einstein for crying out loud! Wonderwall caught up with the sexy Aussie import at the G Star fashion show in New York on Tuesday night and found out there is much more to this sly, philosophical man than just his pretty face.


On fashion week expectations:

"Besides the fashion? Superb conversation. The occasional flashing globe -- that's Aussie speak for bulb. Lots of electricity."


On why people are obsessed with vampires:

"That's obviously for them to decide. I've always believed that mystery is a big key. Albert Einstein said, 'The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.'"


On modeling and his infamous GQ spread:

"A film director shot that, so at least he tried to build some character in there. I'm no good with trying to be a model. I think the best models sort of turn it into a character. Unless I've got a script in front of me and playing a character, it's really hard for me to play myself."

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