Ryan Lochte's belated birthday celebrations were fit for a king!

While partying poolside at Azure at the Palazzo in Las Vegas August 17, the U.S. swimmer, 28, was invited to meet none other than Prince Harry, 27.

"His people came over to my table and said, 'Prince Harry wants to meet you,'" Lochte said on TODAY August 23. "I was like, 'Lets meet him!' I went over there. I was fully clothed, and he said, 'You wanna race me in the pool?' I took off my shirt, jumped in and we started racing."

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Lochte later opened up to Us Weekly about his chance encounter with the British royal in Sin City. "It was really fun swimming against Prince Harry. He's a great guy, and it was an huge honor to meet him," the Olympian told Us. "I was surprised that he challenged me, actually. I didn't know if he had any skills in the pool, but I definitely wasn't going to take it easy on him! He was a great competitor, but in the end it was Team USA all the way to the wall!"

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Given the chance, Lochte would love to compete with the notorious playboy in a sport that would even the playing field. "Next time I'm in the U.K., it'd be fun to challenge him to something on his own turf! Maybe Motocross? I heard he's pretty good, but I'm a competitor," Lochte told Us. "Prince Harry, whenever you're ready!"

After the race, the men went their separate ways -- and as the world now knows, Prince Harry continued to party late into the night. After meeting a few girls at bar, the notorious playboy invited them back up to his VIP suite, where fellow partygoers snapped the nude prince playing strip pool.

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Lochte, for one, is glad he wasn't asked to party with Prince William's younger brother. "I'm kind of happy [he didn't invite me]," the New York native said on TODAY. "I don't need that."

Harry, meanwhile, has returned home to face his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, per a source. "This is a mess," a source said of the prince's fiasco. "This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He's in trouble."

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