With 22 medals to his name, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time. While that might intimidate some athletes, former U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte will miss swimming with -- and against! -- the now retired 27-year-old phenom.

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"I've been racing against him for eight years, and every time I go up on the blocks he's right there next to me, so I'm used to it," Lochte said during an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno August 16. "He's one of the hardest racers I've ever had to come across so I'm definitely going to miss him."

Their rivalry, according to Lochte, is a friendly one. "We kind of leave everything in the pool."

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Lochte -- who let fellow guest Kristen Bell, 32, wear his five medals from the London Olympics -- has his sights set on competing in the next summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. In the meantime, the 90210 guest star is in talks to appear on both The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars.

"If they asked me to do The Bachelor, I'd consider it, but I'd talk with my family first," Lochte, 28, said. As for Dancing With the Stars? "In college I took dancing class and I got an A, so I think I'd be pretty good at it."

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Before host Jay Leno, 62, could reply, Bell jumped in. "Do you know how much training it takes to be on Dancing with the Stars, Ryan?" she teased. Without missing a beat, the swimmer replied, "Do you know how much training you have to do to swim?"

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