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Talk about a role reversal!

When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcome their first child to the world, their parenting skills will obviously be tested. They're parenting style, though, will be way different, according to a friend.

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"They're going to be incredible," Blake's longtime pal Amber Tamblyn told Us Weekly. "They're going to be really, really, really incredible. Blake's going to be more like the dad, and Ryan's going to be more like the mom. And that just means very emotional, and he's growing his hair out."

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Blake and Amber have been tight since co-starring in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," and they often go on doubles dates with their respective spouses.

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The dates, however, may be a little tough for Amber, who humorously has an understandable jealousy towards Ryan.

"I would love to have a child with Blake Lively. Absolutely," she quipped. "I mean I'm in line. I'll be the next one, I would be pummeling Ryan in the face to get [him] out of the way. So I can get to her uterus."