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By Melissa Hunter

Katherin Heigl stars in yet another rom com about men and women... and how different they are! Oh my gosh, like SO different! You see, men care about sex and women care about love! But Heigl is no naive chick, as she tells in a new interview, and talks about everything from men, sex, and her evolving hair color. At least that's one thing that's evolving about her.

Her rich understanding of men after filming a rom com:

"I know way too much about men and now, thanks to "The Ugly Truth," the world will too."

And by world, she means lonely single women who haven't had their fix of unavailable handsome men who can't give them what they want since "He's Just Not That Into You"? Yep, those are the ones.

She continues, "Look, it's no great surprise to me what's going through their brains and it's not about the L-word but the S-word. Guys are much more obvious than they think they are. I don't know why all women don't know this, but I think it's because we just don't want to believe that about guys. We want males to be better than they really are. How long have we evolved and we still have the same desires. It's not bad. It's predictable. I like predictability because I know what I'm getting into."

Okay, wait. Slow down here, Heigl. Guys are obvious and predictable? Women wish they could be better? We've evolved but we haven't gotten very far? If your acting career fails, Katherine, you've got a real opportunity in self-help seminars.

Now let's get on to the real issues, like her hair color:

"I just like to shake things up, and your hair is one way to do it. I love to change my hair color, but no one will let me. Now that Izzie's bald on 'Grey's,' I can do what I want. To me, hair shades are like shoes. I like the variety."

Hair and shoes! That's the kind of variety we like. Oh, women. We're just so obvious and predictable, aren't we?

On letting her mom watch:

"[My mom] never there when we film that stuff, and it's not just because she doesn't want to worry me. You can imagine it would make Gerard Butler pretty uncomfortable if he was in bed with me while my mother was watching. If it didn't, it would be weird and kinky."

I would definitely not question Gerard being weird and kinky, though I don't imagine having Katherine's mom watch a fake sex scene on a monitor as something he'd be all that into.

On why women shouldn't be regimented:

"My character was so regimented in what she thought she wanted out of life that she was sort of missing what she actually needed. She had a strict set of rules and regulations that sort of kept her from the opportunity to connect with the guy who was right in front of her face. I think I was very regimented in that way in my own life. But I did end up letting go of it when I met my husband [singer Josh Kelley]. There were a few things that I didn't want to compromise on, a sense of humor and a compassionate heart. And I didn't."

So many lessons learned. First, men love sex and haven't evolved. Second, need a change? Don't dump your man, change your hair color and buy new shoes!! Girl power! Third, don't let your mom watch you have sex. And finally, don't be regimented; allow yourself to be open, and then one day you'll get rich, famous, and marry Josh Kelley. I think that's how it works.

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