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Why are the tabloids so darned determined to break our heart? The cover of the latest In Touch stomps all over the warm, fuzzy feelings we got from watching the loving looks exchanged between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James at the Oscars, where he teared up as she thanked him while accepting her Best Actress award for "The Blind Side."

"The Ultimate Betrayal!" blasts the tab. "Sandra's husband caught cheating."

But before you completely give up hope on the idea of a happy Hollywood marriage and start to believe in the Oscar relationship curse (especially in light of Kate Winslet's recent split from Sam Mendes), keep in mind that this is In Touch, which has been predicting the imminent breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for years.

Also consider that the person leveling the wandering-eye allegations is a so-called "tattoo model" named -- wait for it -- Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, who says she connected with the ink-stained motorcycle mogul last year while the amiable actress was in Atlanta shooting "The Blind Side" (seems she emailed his West Coast Choppers biz in hopes of securing a modeling job and he purportedly wrote back personally).

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"I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man," she assures the mag. "He gave me the impression they were separated."

McGee, whose fully etched-up body was recently featured in the pages of the venerable Tattoo Revue magazine, claims they exchanged daily text messages and rendezvoused during a supposedly "intimate and highly charged" affair (she also maintains she nicknamed him "Vanilla Gorilla" for reasons we won't go into here).

A quick search of the Interwebs reveals that Bombshell is available for bookings, loves zombie movies and prefers light reading such as "The Psychopath's Bible" and "Mein Kampf."

She also apparently has a degree in Mortuary Science, an interest she showcases by posing in a coffin (oooh, dark) on her MySpace page.

Bullock's rep did not respond to our request for comment on the allegations, which will likely be fueled by her decision to bow out of next week's London premiere of "The Blind Side."

In a statement, Sandra said she is unable to make the trip "due to unforeseen personal reasons," which, hey, could mean anything, right? Right?

Here's hoping for the best.

Jesse, who was previously married to porn star-turned-jailbird Janine Lindemulder, was overflowing with admiration for his megastar missus on Oscar night.

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"She's beautiful. She's amazing. She takes my breath away," he rhapsodized to People magazine. "Sometimes I look at her and I do, I just lose my breath."

Sandy, who was spotted on a toy store run with James' two daughters a couple days after the awards, was equally effusive, calling him "amazing."

So, do you believe this story or not? Tell us in the comments.

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