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Charley Gallay / Getty Images North America 1 / 8

Sarah Hyland has a new man in her life and he's a former co-star.

The "Modern Family" star didn't hide her affection for fellow actor Dominic Sherwood, kissing him in plain sight as the two waited outside a nightclub in Los Angeles on Jan. 31 (See the photos here.) Just a few weeks prior, Sarah was spotted kissing him outside another nightclub, as well, Us Weekly reported.

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As if there was any question as to whether these two were actually together Dominic all but confirmed it, albeit cryptically, on Twitter on Feb. 1 as word started circulating that he was Sarah new boytoy.

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"I want to give thanks to all that respect my privacy," he wrote, presumably referring to his new relationship with Sarah.

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Sarah and Dominic starred together in the 2014 comedy "Vampire Academy."