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Freddie Prinze Jr. is doing just fine, people.

That's according to his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who sought to alleviate concern for her husband of 12 years following reports claiming the actor was struggling to recover simple skills such as walking following recent spinal surgery.

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Asked how Prinze is really doing post-surgery, she replied in a playfully sarcastic tone, "You mean 'learning how to walk?!' I can't even. I'm not joking," she told reporters at the fourth annual Santa's Secret Workshop benefiting L.A. Family Housing, which was held at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif., on Dec. 6.

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"Our mail woman -- God bless her heart -- was like, 'I prayed for you, Freddie, and it worked! You're walking,'" Gellar shared. "He's fine. He did have very serious surgery, there's no question, but his 'learning how to walk again' has been greatly exaggerated."

Although Prinze is on the mend, he wasn't able to join his wife at the annual baby-themed charity event. "He was so upset, all he wanted to do was come here today," she said.

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As for how Gellar is doing these days? When asked how she's balancing her career, her marriage and life with two kids -- Charlotte, 5, and Rocky, 2 -- the actress explained she's just like every other working mom who's trying to figure things out. "I mean, did you see the glass of wine I was just downing? That might tell ya!" she said with a laugh. "You know, it's practice not perfect, and I think as long as you believe that then you can make it all work -- and it takes a village and you can't be afraid to ask for help."