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Sarah Michelle Gellar really is an anomaly in Hollywood. She's been married to Freddie Prinze Jr. for 11 years. They have two kids together, Charlotte, almost 4, and Rocky, almost 1. And through the expansion of her family, she's been able to have a career that spans three decades. It's downright impressive.

While out promoting her CBS comedy, "The Crazy Ones," Sarah Michelle Gellar admitted that being a working mom with two young kids presents actresses with some unique challenges.

"I was still breast feeding on the pilot [of 'The Crazy Ones'], so they would like take breaks," she said about the directors working around her newborn's schedule. "They would joke that when my outfit stopped fitting me during the day, it was time to take a break and let Sarah go back to her trailer. So it took a village."

And while she had to adjust to having another child, she said that the second one was a lot less scary. "I think it's easier only because the main thing as a parent is you have to learn how to trust yourself. And I think there's a confidence that you have the second time that it's just impossible to have the first time."

With two young kids and a full career, Sarah Michelle Gellar clearly knows how to be a good parent. But what are her secrets to a happy and successful marriage? "God, if I knew, I would write a book and retire," she said. "I wouldn't be here right now. I mean, it's work. You have to work at anything. It's any relationship in your life. You have to nurture it and take time with it."

Humility doesn't hurt, either. "I feel like I've already accomplished so much in life that everything else is kind of gravy," she says. "I just feel very lucky."