Saturday Night Live kicked off its 38th season September 15 by playfully making fun of five-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Locthe.

Host Seth MacFarlane, 38 -- who created the animated hit Family Guy -- dressed up as the 28-year-old swimmer during Seth Meyers' Weekend Update sketch.

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"Hey, Seth. I'm Ryan Lochte," MacFarlane mumbled. "I was America in the Olympics."

Meyers then asked his guest about what new fall TV shows he's most looking forward to watching. "I'm really excited about that show Goon [starring Matthew Perry]," MacFarlane (as Lochte) said. "That's actually Go On," Meyers corrected him. "It's two words."

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"Either way, it looks really Go Od," MacFarlane responded.

"No, that's good," Meyers explained. "It's one word."

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Later in the segment, MacFarlane (as Lochte) said, "I was watching this one show and like partway through, there were all these other little shows."

"Those are commercials," Meyers explained.

"Yeah, that makes sense, because I was in a bunch of 'em," his guest shrugged.

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