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That (incredibly!) awkward moment! Even Savannah Guthrie thought her recent sit-down with Kate Gosselin and twins Mady and Cara was "crazy." "Today" show co-anchors Guthrie and Matt Lauer both appeared on "Watch What Happens Live!" on Jan. 23 -- and had plenty to share with host Andy Cohen.

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"I was really surprised," Guthrie said in response to a caller who asked about the live-broadcast interview with Kate, 38, and the twins, 13. "They came on, and I thought the girls had something on their minds -- they wanted to get it off their chests."

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Instead, the two girls remained notoriously silent throughout the painful chat that ultimately led their mother Kate to scold them on live television. "Mady, what would you want to say about how you and your sister and your family are doing?" Guthrie asked during one part of the Jan. 16 segment. "Um…" the twin responded. "Mady, your words -- It's your chance, spit it out," demanded her 38-year-old mother.

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NBC star Guthrie, 42, continued, "I was really sympathetic to them. It's not easy to get on national television -- this isn't something they do every day, live every morning."

"They're 13-year-old girls," she continued. "I felt bad for them."

Cohen, who has expressed his dislike for the Gosselin family matriarch via Twitter, asked Guthrie, "In the galaxy of appearing unlikeable, has Kate Gosselin appeared more unlikeable?" With a laugh, the always diplomatic morning show host responded, "Is this the 'I plead the 5th' segment?"

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In another part of Thursday's sit down, Cohen asked: "During the Kate Gosselin interview were you thinking, 'this is incredible television' or 'how do i wrangle this back?'"

"I honestly was just thinking, this is crazy," responded Guthrie. "Does it look as crazy [as it feels on the inside]?" she wondered during her sit-down with the reality show trio. "Then I checked my twitter feed… then I saw Matt after," she confirmed with a laugh. "It was insane."

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"I guess I always give people the benefit of the doubt," she said. "Unless they're politicians."


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