Malin Akerman may have the most well-spoken toddler on the planet.

"The Comeback" actress recently revealed that her 18-month-old son, Sebastian, can speak not one, not two, but three languages!

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"Whenever he sees his dad he starts speaking Italian, he sees me and starts speaking Swedish, and his nanny speaks English," she said, according to People magazine. "So it's really just amazing to watch how a child's brain works."

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The fact that Malin's child is trilingual is quite astonishing to her. "It's amazing," she admits. Then again, maybe it isn't. Asked what has surprised her the most about motherhood, she told the magazine, "everything and nothing."

"I still to this day, every now and then, wake up and go, 'I'm a mom? That's crazy! I'm responsible for a person's life? I don't know what I'm doing!'" she said. "I guess the most surprising, although everyone tells you, is the love that you feel for your child. You need nothing else in the world but your child. That's it. He's the air that I breathe."

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And speaking of air, he's well on his way to knowing the beauty of clean air. His proud momma said he's getting an early start on being eco-friendly.

"I have solar panels, I have a hybrid car," Malin said at the Environmental Media Awards. "We turn off light switches, which is very exciting for Sebastian because he loves turning off and on lights, so he helps me turn off the light switches when we leave a room. He's just tall enough to reach that."