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A visit from the kids. Scott Disick, who has been in a Malibu, Calif., rehab for almost two weeks, got his spirits lifted after Kris Jenner took his three children to visit him.

Photos from the rehab center show Kris still in her striped pajamas that she wore to Kim Kardashian West's baby shower earlier that same day.

Scott is again seeking treatment for alcohol abuse, but this time he appears more serious about getting help, and he has an incentive, his children.

"Scott is aware that no judge would allow him to take those kids for a weekend in his current state," a source tells Us Weekly.

There are differing reports as to whether Lamar Odom's situation pushed Scott toward rehab -- some say Scott checked in before Lamar was found unconscious, so he couldn't have known. Others, though, say the former NBA star's hospitalization pushed Scott toward wanting help.

Kourtney, reportedly, is very happy that Scott is finally trying to address his demons, but don't expect a reconciliation anytime soon.

"They're amicable for their kids," a source said, "but Kourtney is officially done."