@catherinegiudici / Instagram 1 / 10
@catherinegiudici / Instagram 1 / 10

April Fools gone wrong. It started out as an innocent joke, but then the Internet turned on "Bachelor" alums Sean and Catherine Lowe.

In celebration of the mischievous day, Catherine posted a photo of herself on Instagram saying that she was 17 weeks pregnant. It was all in jest, but many on social media weren't exactly laughing.

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"This is so insensitive to those of us who struggle with infertility. Shame on you," one person tweeted to Sean's wife.

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Many other comments claiming the photo was in bad taste followed. Catherine didn't comment about the controversy, nor has her husband.

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To achieve the look of having a baby bump, Catherine apparently arched her back and pushed out her belly. Still, though, several people are having a hard time stomaching the joke.

Tomorrow is a new day.