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Reunited and it feels so … awkward!

Two months after Charlize Theron and Sean Penn called off their engagement, they were spotted together, but it was hardly romantic. The former couple was photographed in Cape Town, South Africa on July 29, reshooting scenes for their upcoming movie "The Last Face."

It's the first time the former couple has been spotted together since they split, a break up that was apparently incredibly one-sided. "Charlize wasn't responding to his calls and texts. She just cut it off," Us Weekly reported at the time.

Some outlets reported that she broke up with Sean by "ghosting" him, or disappearing without a word or a trace.

In the new images (seen here,) the former couple looks happy when they're around members of the film crew, but they appear glum and tense around each other (Hey, maybe it's just part of the scene, though.)

The pair had been essentially inseparable since they began dating in December 2013. The duo had been friends for over 20 years before things got romantic.

The reunion, of sorts, can't be comfortable considering some of the wounds from the broken off engagement are still somewhat fresh. In the upcoming movie, Charlize plays a director of an international aid organization in Liberia. While she and Sean were still together, the Oscar-winning beauty admitted that the film had taken it's toll on the relationship.

"Putting aside that he's my partner, he's the love of my life; for the first time, I felt that my work was really bleeding into my life, and that made it hard," she told Elle UK for its June issue. "There were moments where I was incredibly unfair to him. And moments where I felt like … he was incredibly unfair to me. But it makes you realize that no matter how complicated it gets, the priority is the relationship."

Sean, for his part, seemed smitten with Charlize when they were together, and he openly talked about marrying her. He even told Esquire UK that he would consider it his "first marriage," although he's already been married twice before.

"I've had relationships that were not with famous people, or people aspiring to be famous," he said. "And in some cases they went more poorly! But as it turned out, yes, the two marriages I had were with high-profile people, in their own ways. But my romantic life has not been exclusive to that."

He went on to say, "You say I've been married twice before, but I've been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today. So I wouldn't even consider it a third marriage, I'd consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again. I mean, I like the tradition. A friend of mine wrote a line, 'Without tradition, new things die.' And I don't want new things to die."

Charlize also openly spoke of her love for her man, telling Esquire in April that she was "shocked" to have fallen for the former bad boy. "I'm a very, very, very lucky girl," she told the mag. "Very lucky. He's hot."