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Sean Penn admitted that his personal life is going swimmingly without actually admitting it.

During an interview, "Extra"'s Jerry Penacoli told Sean he seems as happy as he's ever been, to which the "Mystic River" star said, "I can't imagine why," as his girlfriend Charlize Theron stood nearby.

Happy enough to take a trip down the aisle? Well, maybe.

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Every since Sean and Charlize began dating, rumors have circulated on whether they were headed for marriage. Sean stayed away from confirming such a thing, but he didn't deny it, either. And he has a reason as to why he won't chat about it publicly.

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"I just hate looking at people on television talking about their relationships," Sean said while attending his Help Haiti Home Gala.

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Asked point blank whether he was going to put a ring on it, so to speak, and Sean smiled coyly and said, "I can't even say things out loud."

A private person, Sean did express his gratefulness when the "Extra" host told him that he was happy for the couple. He also expressed happy disbelief that he's on such good footing in his personal life.

"She and I have been very, very longtime friends," Sean said. "We hit a speed bump and must have lost our minds, so here we are."