Can gray hair be sexy?

Wednesday's episode of Katie was all about hair. Katie Couric was on a mission to find out how she would look if she went gray.

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"You may think I'm a natural blonde, but guess what I'm not. In fact, my hair is really mousey brown and nowadays it's more gray," Couric, 55, confessed. "So, I've always wanted to see what I would look like with gray hair . . . also how it made me feel."

After trying on a gray wig in her same hairstyle, Couric asked, "Do I look like Cruella de Vil?"

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But after walking the streets of NYC and asking strangers how she looked, Couric, who is currently dating John Molner, 49, embraced the gray.

"I worried that it would make me feel older, but I kind of feel sexy in it," she said.

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Also on the show, Wendy Williams, 48, shared her famous wig collection. "For the most part, I always wear a wig. They're part of me," Williams said. "I wear one when I go to the gym."

And she even names her wigs!

"My 'Gale King' wig is the one that I wear to the gym," she shared. "Except I'm a long versus a short, so therefore, when I wear a short it's because, you know, I'm either very menopausal or I'm going to the gym and I'm going to be sweating."

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