Lena Dunham has decided to focus on her inner beauty while visiting India with her photographer mother, Laurie Simmons.

The creator and star of HBO's Girls shared an Instagram photo of herself sans makeup Nov. 5. The 26-year-old has been visiting the Asian nation since Oct. 27. "Internet shopping from India [means] my Dharmic path is destroyed," Dunham tweeted during her travels. "But at least I am not one of those people buying a sari in the afternoon then throwing away all my stuff from home and wearing it to dinner."

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Dunham recently wrapped production on the second season of Girls, which returns Jan. 13 with 10 new episodes. As expected, the show will feature plenty of nudity -- something Dunham has no qualms about.

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"There may be a time when I have to explain to my daughters, 'You probably shouldn't be naked on television.' Most situations, it's not a good idea to be naked on television," she explained at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in early October. "I like doing it because I'm my own boss. I'm writing it. I'm directing it. I'm producing it."

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Girls will also introduce several new characters. "There are some of color. Some are not. Some are Caucasian," Dunham said, addressing one of the program's main criticisms. "All I want to do is make women feel excited and included by the show."

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