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Watch out, Alexi Ashe! Seth Meyers and Piper Perabo took a trip down memory lane when the "Covert Affairs" actress visited Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, June 16.

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The former costars first met on the set of the 2005 independent film "Perception," and on their first day of filming, the pair were immediately thrown into a steamy situation.

"The first day all we did was we made out in a car for the whole day," Meyers, 40, recalled.

"That happens a lot on movies," the USA star, 37, mused. "It seems like the sex scenes and the makeout scenes, they do that first. It's like. 'Hi, nice to meet you!'"

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Meyers, who married wife Alexi Ashe in Martha's Vineyard in September 2013, admitted that the passionate scene left him with a deeper connection to Perabo, who is currently engaged to longtime boyfriend Stephen Kay.

"We made out so much, at the end of the day I felt like we'd been together for five years," Meyers admitted.

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"Yeah, I was like, 'I'm sort of bored with you,'" Perabo quipped.

"Yeah, I am too, bye! Let's go see other people," the host joked.


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