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By Dana Flax

After the runaway success of the single "Hips Don't Lie," it's impossible to recollect a modern pop scene without waves of Shakira's signature vocal instrument resonating in your ears. However, besides the 2007 duet "Beautiful Liar" with compatriot in hip-shaking, Beyonce, Shakira's been inexplicably absent from mainstream radio in the last couple of years. (Although, if you've been to a gay club recently, it's like she never left. Hurrah for the timeless tribute-paying institution of bouncy club remixes!)

Shakira: A "She-Wolf" in Paris

Back with a new album -- and the same wicked bod, naturally -- Shakira recently played dress-up in's closet. Donning the stylings of Gaultier, Chanel and Dior, Shakira stuns (That hair!) in expensive couture while an assortment of puerile model dudes paint her nails and fawn over her tush. 'Tis the life, indeed.

In an accompanying interview, Bruce Handy chats with Shakira remotely from her house in the Bahamas (perhaps we've isolated the rationale behind taking some time off?), abandoning discussion of the wardrobe in favor of a thorough description of the scary-sexy music video for "She Wolf." And who could blame him? Making a viewer feel hot and somewhat uncomfortable at the same time is, well, some sort of feat. Regardless, we're glad she's back in full, jiggery force. Check out the video here (keep that personal mist spray handy), and then see the rest of's photoshoot with Shakira here.


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