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Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller have made it clear that they are serious about fixing their marriage after a difficult start to 2010. However, according to Access Hollywood, the couple is not checking into rehab as previously reported by a supposed insider.

"Charlie Sheen is not headed for rehab," the rep told Access Hollywood on Wednesday night.

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A restraining order preventing Sheen from contacting his wife, which has been in place since the actor was arrested following a fight on Christmas Day, was relaxed on Monday, and now the couple is working on its relationship.

A source tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood they traveled back to Los Angeles from their latest court showdown in Aspen, Colorado together in Sheen's private plane.

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And the insider insists they are "lovey dovey again" and keen to work on their marriage.

Mueller recently spent a week recuperating from an infection and a bout with pneumonia at a North Carolina wellness clinic.

The insider close to the couple originally told the TV show, "She's (Mueller) going somewhere to work on her sobriety and health. He's staying in town (Los Angeles) and has to stay sober. So maybe their marriage can work if they both stay on track." Sheen's rep has spoken out against claims that Mueller and Sheen were headed to rehab.

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In court on Monday, Sheen was officially charged with one felony count of menacing, a misdemeanor count of assault in the third degree and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief over the Christmas Day fight, which landed him in jail.

Sheen has been taking anger management classes since his arrest.