Chaos in Cannes. Gunshots were heard just before the live television broadcast of "Le Grand Journal" on Friday, May 16, where actor Christoph Waltz was about to be interviewed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In footage from the chaotic scene, a few members of the audience are seen running away from the set and taking cover as the reporters on the French news and entertainment program look confused, trying to make sense of the situation.

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Although security initially believed the noise was fireworks, witnesses on the scene alleged that they saw a man with a gun, and that a small explosion went off. Per THR, a man with a suspicious device was seen being taken away by police. 

No one was injured during the ordeal, according to the report. France 24 International News reports that the alleged assailant had a gun loaded with blanks and a dummy grenade; he fired twice in the air before police apprehended him.

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Oscar winner Waltz, 56, and fellow actor Daniel Auteuil — also on hand for the planned show — survived the incident unscathed. 

After the arrest, the producers reportedly told the audience, “The show must go on" and the program resumed.

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