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By Jennifer Odell

With Susan Powter, Jessica Simpson, a weight loss company and even her own mother jumping into the much-hyped discussion about Gabourey Sidibe's size, it may be no wonder that magazine queen Anna Wintour has no plans to find a Vogue cover slot for the "Precious" star.

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But after Vanity Fair infamously left Sidibe and other rising star actresses who didn't seem to fit the "thin, white and typically pretty" mold off its recent "Young Hollywood" cover, more eyes are turned toward Sidibe's media presence, or lack thereof.

PopEater reports that the young star would never land a Vogue cover because of her weight.

"She's a joke in the fashion community. What she wore on the red carpet at the Academy Awards wasn't a dress, it was a tent," a source from the magazine reportedly told the Web site.

"Vogue is venue where designers debut their best new pieces. All are of which are one of a kind and sample size. It would be impossible to get a regular-sized girl in those clothes, let alone Gabby,"

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The comments may be insensitive, but there does seem to be some back-and-forth when it comes to Vogue's approach to weight.

In May, 2009, Wintour was quoted as saying that her magazine and others have a duty to address America's weight obsession.

"There's such an epidemic of obesity in the United States, and for some reason, everybody focuses on anorexia," Wintour told Us magazine.

"We need to spend money, time and education on teaching people to eat, exercise and take care of themselves in a healthier way. It [has gotten people] provoked, which is really the point."

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While Wintour has yet to use her magazine's cover to tackle these health issues, that's really never been Vogue's terrain.

Similarly, Gabby Sidibe didn't put herself in the spotlight to show off her physique or her fashion sense. She's an actress. Can't we just be satisfied with what she set out to do?

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