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Don't count Sienna Miller among those who think that the skinniest girl in the room is always the prettiest.

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The British actress shared her enthusiasm for "plus-sized" models with a New York magazine reporter on Sunday. "I sincerely believe that that's more beautiful than someone who is poker-thin. I really do," Miller, 27, said of voluptuous women.

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The actress (who is currently performing on Broadway in "After Miss Julie") wishes she had more curves herself. "I would love to have boobs to go with my hips, but I don't," she says. "That's just not the way the cookie crumbled."

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And Miller seems to have had somewhat traumatic experiences as a model herself. Before she made it in film, she found work posing at photo shoots: "I was, like, the short, funny one that they booked to make the other girls laugh and to make them look taller," she laments.

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