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By Melissa Hunter

Octomom, we really try hard to pretend that you don't exist (it helps us preserve our remaining few shreds of hope for humanity). But then you've got to go out and dress like a nun and put your exploited babies into devil costumes. Darn you and your shameless negative-attention-demanding ways!

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At first we questioned why Octomom would do this a week before Halloween, but really it makes sense when you think about it. Who knows what crazy costumes will appear on the real day. Best to beat every other fame-grubbing pseudo-celebrity to the punch by going ahead with the crazy costume choices more than full week prior to Halloween (are you listening, Spiedi? Best pick up the pace!).

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I guess since we've all been so preoccupied with the poor parenting antics of the Balloon-hoaxing Heene family, Octomom must have felt a little left out. Which really isn't fair because she was THE original reprehensible parent of 2009.

Your move, Jon Gosselin.