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Tommaso Boddi / London Ent / Splash / Splash News 1 / 12

By Melissa Hunter

Breaking news everyone! Tila Tequila is NOT pregnant. Man, feel like I've hit a new low by getting duped by Tila Tequila.

Ms. Tequila made an announcement on Twitter saying that she's serving as a surrogate mother for her older bro Cody and his wife. She tweeted, "That is my xmas present to them. I'm pregnant!!!"

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Then she's all like "OMG JKJK LOL PYSCH!" ... or something like that. She told Life & Style, "I'm about to be [pregnant]. When I tweeted that, I figured there's not enough space in the 140 characters. [I meant] I'm going to give him a Christmas present that's going to change his life."

Oh, so when she says, "I'm pregnant" what she really means is, "I'm not at all pregnant." I get it now. And how does a woman know that she's about to be pregnant? Does she have a group of sperm donors on hold for her?

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OK, moving on from trying to fit logic into Tila Tequila's press ploys, she continues, "I don't have time to take care of a real baby of my own — not yet however — I feel I am very ready to experience the whole pregnancy process but without having to actually have the baby my own to take care of."

And by "experience the whole pregnancy process" she obviously talking about the TMI interviews about her morning sickness, the red carpet attention when she shows off her belly, and the magazine covers she'll get posing naked preggers. It's all really transformative.

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And this isn't the first pregnancy Twitter hoax she's pulled. She posted she was pregnant this past summer and quickly deleted it. She's like the boy who cried wolf ... just instead, the fame whore who cried embryos.

So, alas, no mini-Tilas just yet, but never you worry, folks. There's plenty of time for the girl to exploit her unborn children for attention. Can't wait!