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By Saryn Chorney

Not only is Sophia Bush beautiful and talented, the "One Tree Hill" actress can rock a figure-hugging Herve Leger minidress like it's nobody's business. Bush took a break from her busy on-set schedule in North Carolina to grace California with her presence this weekend at the Art of Elysium party and the Hollywood Style Awards. Much was made of her appearance at the awards show on Sunday, where she stayed thisclose to onscreen love interest Austin Nichols' side all night.

Although neither of them have fessed up yet to a "life imitates art" relationship, the fact of the matter is we saw the low key lovebirds out together on Saturday night, too -- at the Art of Elysium 1st Annual Genesis charity celebration at HD Buttercup in L.A. Emile Hirsch, Jenna Elfman, and Balthazar Getty's band Ringside showed up to support the cause. However, it was Bush who captivated our attention with tales of soothing sick kids, a new career trajectory and her vampire obsession. Check out excerpts from the Wonderwall exclusive interview.

Wonderwall: Why was it so important for you to be here tonight?

Sophia Bush: I've been involved with Art of Elysium for years. They're the reason I'm an actor, the reason I am where I am in my life. When I think about the difference that made for me, I'm always bowled over by how distressing it is for any child, any young adult to be in the hospital and missing those developmental moments in their life. I [visit] the hospitals whenever I get home.

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WW: Your home is in Los Angeles, but you work in North Carolina much of the year. What brings you to the west coast?

SB: Yes, I live in L.A., but I work in North Carolina nine months of the year. And then if I'm working on a film over the hiatus, I'm just gone, so I'm only home for maybe two days at a time. I just flew into L.A. for the weekend so I could have a great chat with Craig Ferguson and I'm editing the episode of the show I just directed. I had to come to L.A. to get into the editing room, which worked out really well.

WW: Is directing a new endeavor for you?

SB: Yes. I never want to try to predict what's coming, but I don't think it's anything I'll get bored of soon.

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WW: You're one of a select group of actresses who can pull off the pale skin/dark hair look and look great. Are you interested in ever playing a vampire in a "Twilight" film?

SB: I haven't seen any of the "Twilight" films. I was crazy obsessed with vampires as a kid. My dad used to work with Anne Rice, so I have all the "Interview with a Vampire" books, and I used to read them for years and years. And every year, I was a vampire for Halloween. So I kind of feel like I've been there, but I get the appeal.

And with that, we let Sophia return to her patient date "friend" Austin. If we may say so, he seems much more attentive than her last boyfriend-cum-costar Chad Michael Murray. Good luck keeping it casual, kids!

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