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Star Jones says it wasn't hard to sit down and talk for the first time about her controversial gastric-bypass surgery.

The reason?

She was talking to Oprah.

"I had a great time, and the best part about doing it with Oprah is she's the very best interviewer," Jones, 46, told Monday at the 2009 Skating with the Stars event in NYC. "She puts you in a safe and wonderful environment, and you really don't feel the need to have to discuss it ever again because you can say, 'Go to the videotape.'"

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After losing 160 pounds, Jones initially kept quiet about the surgery, insisting she lost the weigh through diet and exercise. Her decision not to tell the truth contributed to ABC's decision not to renew her View contract.

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Jones told Us it was tough "absolutely opening my heart to somebody else." But Winfrey has experienced "the same kind of [weight] issues. When you're sitting across from someone who has had similar experiences, it's so much easier."

"And so we said we were going to open it all up, and I think that's what most people felt," she added. "There were no doors closed, there's no apprehension [when] you're talking to Oprah."

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