Kathryn McCormick first wowed audiences as a finalist on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance in 2009 and now the star is taking her moves to the big screen as the female lead in Step Up Revolution, out now.

"I take three dance classes a day!" McCormick, 22, tells Us Weekly of her stay-in-shape plan when she isn't filming. But getting a lean physique doesn't require quite as much time. Here, the actress shares her top three novice-friendly advice to achieve a dancer's bod.

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1. Adapt your diet. The Georgia native used to eat corndogs -- until a pal introduced her to vegetarianism. Now meat- and dairy-free, she credits her organic diet with keeping her 5-foot-5 body fueled for workouts: "When I eat better, I perform better," she tells Us.

2. Work your core. McCormick takes Pilates-inspired Gyrotonics to strengthen her abs: "It challenged my body," she says. "No more weak spots.

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3. Start dancing! "Dance is a physical and mental workout," McCormick (who convinced boyfriend Kameron Waters to take a hip-hop dance class) advises trying beginner ballet: "Once you get your body moving, you'll see a difference."

McCormick's Step Up Revolution is in theaters now.

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