@officialstephpratt / Instagram 1 / 8
@officialstephpratt / Instagram 1 / 8

An eight-legged emergency! Stephanie Pratt had to be rushed to the emergency room on Sept. 25 after her face was left numb from a serious spider bite.

The "Hills" star, and sister of villainous Spencer Pratt, reportedly woke up with a nasty spider bite under her eye and her face was so swollen that it "looked like she had a tumor," she told TMZ. She even said she was temporarily blind in one eye and lost all feeling in her face.

Taking swift action, she immediately went to a London hospital to get antibiotics for the swelling. She also had to drain the puss from her enlarged bite.

"Just spent nearly 4hrs at Bupa Cromwell hospital .... For a spider bite!!!" she tweeted.

Before heading to the hospital, Stephanie snapped an image of her wound. "No time for hair & makeup = beanie & fake glasses," she captioned her Instagram. "To the Dr I go!" She maintained her sense of humor about the whole thing, too, tweeting about her love of the carrot cake in the hospital's coffee shop.

Doctors, according to Stephanie, believe she was bitten by a black widow spider. She's now home resting... and apparently watching "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

It's not believed that she developed any super powers from the bite, but stay tuned…