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Steve-O, of "Jackass" fame, got exactly what he wanted: Jail time.

The prankster was sentenced to 30 days in the clink for his one-man SeaWorld protest atop a Hollywood crane in August. For his stunt, which included setting off fireworks, he was charged with five misdemeanors.

Jail is hardly a concern for him.

"If you're gonna make a statement about captivity, you might as well get yourself locked up," he told a TMZ crew after the sentencing, saying he has zero regrets because it brings attention to Orca whales in captivity.

His stunt, he said, "turned out to be meaningful in the end."

Steve-O now has to turn himself in for a 30-day sentence in December. In addition to being on probation for three years, he also has to pay $7,409 in restitution fees and stay out of Hollywood temporarily. He can't perform any stunts on probation either.

"I told the criminal attorney 'Please get me jail time,' because I feel like that's going to make a better statement about captivity and it won't screw up my schedule as much with all the ongoing community service," he said.

He later told the film crew, "It's nice to let people know that I haven't lost my edge."