Storage Wars' Dave Hester is fighting mad.

Known as "The Mogul" on A&E's popular reality series, former cast member Hester filed suit against the TV network Tuesday accusing producers of adding contents to storage lockers seen on the program, which follows people who bid on the units and sell the contents found inside.

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"A&E regularly plants valuable items or memorabilia," alleges the suit filed by Hester, who was fired from the series' fourth season after voicing concerns over the fact that items were added to the lockers in an effort to boost the show's drama.

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Hester, who has purchased abandoned storage units and re-sold their contents for more than 25 years, argues that Storage Wars producers fraudulently added a BMW Mini and newspapers detailing Elvis Presley's death to lockers that appeared on the show.

He seeks more than $750,000 in the wrongful termination, breach of contract and unfair business practices suit, filed Tuesday Dec. 11.

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The A&E Network -- also home to Hoarders, Duck Dynasty and Intervention -- declined to comment about the pending case when reached for comment by the Associated Press.

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