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By Melissa Hunter

If you're anything like Ross and Rachel, you have a celebrity "freebie list," i.e. a list of celebs you would want to have a fling with (yes, we still reference "Friends" episodes, what of it?). So, which current stars would top the freebie list today? (Chances are Parker Stevenson isn't making as many lists these days.)

A recent MSN survey asked which celeb fans would most like to have a summer fling with. Turns out, a little (read: epic) spat (read: mental breakdown) didn't deter women from naming Christian Bale as their #1 fling du saison. But what's a little chemical imbalance between lovers? Women ages 18-64 were surveyed, and 50% of them opted for the "Terminator Salvation" hero, while only 21% chose Robert Pattinson. Chris Pine came in 3rd with a meager 14%. Gotta step up your game, Pine. Either play a monster or be one in real life. Women seem to go for that.

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And in a stunning revelation, men voted Megan Fox as their ideal summer fling. They also voted burping as their favorite bodily function. And pizza as their favorite bread and cheese treat. Alright, maybe that's just a guess, but Megan did indeed come in 1st with 44% of the votes, while country pop sensation Carrie Underwood came in 2nd with 38%, thus proving that tattooed brunettes really do have more fun.

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And the couple with the hottest beach bodies? Running mates Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, natch. The couple that runs together, stays together ... and wins best beach bodies together. Sadly, the beaches of Manhattan aren't exactly for sunbathing. They tend to be more for garbage dumping.

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Finally, with an overwhelming 92% of the votes, the couple who they would most NOT want to see roaming the beaches this summer? I'll give you a hint. Their collective name starts with an "S" and ends with "complete and utter shamelessness." That's right, everyone's least favorite couple Speidi took home that prestigious award.

In short: Christian is timeless. Megan is a babe. Justin and Jessica need to relocate to Maui. And Speidi needs to move to Antarctica.