DETROIT (AP) — The lone survivor of a 1987 plane crash near Detroit Metropolitan Airport that killed 156 people says she thinks about it "every day."

Cecelia Cichan (SHEE'-uhn) was 4 years old when Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed in Romulus, Mich. She was raised in Alabama by an aunt and uncle who shielded her from the media and others who sought to delve into her unique past.

The now-30-year-old carries the married name of Cecelia Crocker.

In the new documentary, "Sole Survivor," Crocker breaks her silence, discussing how the crash of the Phoenix-bound jetliner has affected her.

The film is expected to have its theatrical premiere and widespread release later this year. Advance preview screenings are set for Wednesday and Thursday in Royal Oak, Mich., and May 30 in Minneapolis.