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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt can't even sneeze in public without sending the paparazzi into a feeding frenzy, but one tabloid is convinced that the world's most famous exes somehow managed to rendezvous without so much as a single grainy photo being snapped.

"Together again!" trumpets the latest cover of In Touch Weekly. "Defying Angelina, Brad meets Jen the night of April 23!"

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Yeah, we're not quite buying it, either, but here's the tab's tale: In recent weeks, a stressed-out Pitt has purportedly been kvetching to his former wife about his supposed domestic issues with Jolie, the mother of his six kids.

The mag claims the alleged phone and text exchanges led to an hour-long tête-à-tête on April 23, a day that began with Brad stopping by to see Angelina on the New York set of "Salt" before making a beeline across town to the set of Jen's flick, "The Baster."

"He pulled up in his black SUV," maintains an insider. "He arrived on the opposite end of the set from where Jen's trailer was, and Jen snuck into his car. They drove around New York City together, talking. Brad confessed his feelings to Jen. He told her that he is trying to make his relationship with Angelina work, but it is failing."

(Anyone else find it hard to believe he'd share his ostensible woes with the woman he ditched? Thought so.)

Photos: Jennifer Aniston

Not surprisingly, Aniston's rep denies any such secret ride-along took place.

But the tabloid believes it has an ace up its sleeve -- or at least around its neck -- in the form of pictures showing Pitt wearing an "antique pendant" that looks identical to one Aniston has been photographed sporting (helpfully illustrated by arrows on the cover).

According to a source, Jen gave it to the actor for his 45th birthday in December: "She found it and knew Brad would love it."

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Before you reasonably ask why Aniston would wear the necklace before handing it over, some armchair sleuths have done a little digging and determined that the necklaces are different.

The actress says she's kept the lines of communication open with Pitt, but only under specific, non-relationship-complaining circumstances. "We don't not talk," she told the January issue of GQ. "When there's something to congratulate or celebrate, there's always an exchange."

Meanwhile, in related and slightly more believable news, Aniston's worlds apparently collided in Los Angeles on Sunday night when her BFF, Courteney Cox, bumped into Pitt at a Chris Cornell concert.

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"Instead of ignoring him, Courteney chatted away with Brad all night," a spy tells the New York Post, which says the actress was joined by her husband, David Arquette (Pitt was sans Jolie). "The three were in great spirits and seemed really happy to see each other."

Us Weekly seconds the trio's chumminess, with a big-eared snitch relaying, "They were all reminiscing. Everyone got along great."

Photos: Brad Pitt

Cox's rep didn't respond to our request for comment on her supposed face-time with Pitt, who was last seen hanging with the Arquettes in early 2005, when he and Jen vacationed with them just days before they announced their split.

"I don't think that Brad is malicious, or a liar," Courteney told Vanity Fair a few months after the breakup. "There was a connection [with Jolie], and he was honest about that with Jen . . . It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time."

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