What's the best way of getting back at your Brazilian-model-toting-secret-ex-girlfriend? Why, trotting out your own 22-year-old of course!

According to OK Magazine, that's exactly what scandal-plagued Yankee Alex Rodriguez is doing. He's been spotted "canoodling" with 22-year-old bridal model Melissa Britos in Miami, allegedly in an attempt to win back Madonna's love.

Madonna has, of course, been seen out and about in New York with Brazilian boytoy Jesus Luz, a fact which sources say has angered A-Rod to no end. (Let this be a lesson for the kiddies: if you are eye-pleasingly symmetrical and were born in 1987, you stand a decent chance of being used as a pawn in history's strangest love story.)

A-Rod has also been spotted sporting a red string Kabbalah bracelet, which friends say he's wearing as a signal to Madonna. We think she'll notice the 22-year-old model first.