Does Taylor Armstrong look 42? While celebrating her birthday on Monday, June 10, with boyfriend John Bluher, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star showed off her beach body in a skimpy thong bikini.

"Celebrating my bday poolside with my love," Armstrong tweeted with a picture of herself relaxing on a lounge chair in a tie-dye strapless bikini. "Ciroc summer fun cocktails -- coconut ciroc and OJ," she added, referring to the drink she was holding in the image.

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The birthday girl, mom to 6-year-old daughter Kennedy, flaunted her slim, toned bod in the colorful swimsuit while soaking up the sun with Bluher, her attorney boyfriend. The couple also appeared to enjoy a little make-out session in the pool.

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"How handsome is my guy? He's a gentle, loving soul and I am blessed," Armstrong tweeted Saturday with a picture of the two of them. For her birthday, the Bravo star also received a present from Bluher's family. "Gorgeous flowers from my beau's family," she captioned a photo of the white bouquet. "Thank you Carol, Gina and Lisa. Love to you all. Family. Blessed. Birthday."

In February, Armstrong admitted on her official blog that she developed a drinking problem after her estranged husband, Russell, committed suicide in August 2011.

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"I went through about nine months where I was drinking to cope with the pain and the memories. I was drinking to forget, to stop the recurring images in my head, to relax enough to try to sleep at night," she wrote. "I quickly discovered that one glass of wine made it a little easier, two would help me forget, three, four -- you get the point."

"Thankfully," she said, "I had an amazing support system and they helped me realize that it was time for me to feel my emotions and let the healing begin."

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