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Take one 20-year-old with unlimited resources, mix in a 4,000-square-foot-plus luxury penthouse and a powerful urge for expression through interior design, and what do you get? For Taylor Swift, it means a fantasy-fulfilling Nashville, Tenn., pad with a moat-surrounded fireplace.

"I have a really, really just strange kind of imagination," the chart-topping Grammy nominee admits to "Extra."

That's putting it mildly. Although the moat will apparently be sans drawbridge or dragon, it is likely to include some koi, which will probably live in constant fear of becoming dinner thanks to Taylor's plans for a "human-sized birdcage observatory."

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In a recent chat with Rolling Stone, she shared her plans to put a brass telescope inside the cage, which will sit beneath a Hogwarts-like ceiling resembling the night sky.

The observatory will be accessed from a spiral staircase that will require crossing a steppingstone in the moat. (And yes, this all sounds like a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen.)

Taylor's inspiration for the nearly $2 million digs, which come complete with a wine storage room that she can't legally use for another year, has been rattling around in her brain for quite a while.

"All of the crazy things that I thought of when I was in second grade that I thought it would be cool to put into a condo," she tells "Extra" of her aesthetic motivation. "The whole thought process has been like, 'Why not?' There's no reason not to!"

Here's hoping that's not the same thought process the wholesomely sunny popster is using in regard to John Mayer, whom she joined for a friendly group dinner last weekend in Nashville and cheered on Tuesday when he taped CMT's "Crossroads" with her former tour partner, Keith Urban.

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When asked how she feels about the rumor mill linking her to the verbal vomiting, self-gratification-espousing ex of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica "Tootie" Simpson, Swift simply shrugs off the speculation.

"I try not to be a complainer, you know?" she tells Us Weekly, which categorizes her relationship with the 32-year-old crooner, with whom she duets on his latest album, "Battle Studies," as more of a mutually admiring student-teacher-type thing (and we know how well that worked out for Svengali).

"He thinks she's sweet and talented," a Mayer insider tells the mag, "and she sees him as a mentor."

But, observes another spy, "Whenever Taylor sees John, she gets all giddy and her voice quivers."

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